News – World’s largest photo

March 10, 2012 by Andreas in Blog & News, Latest photo news

The title of the world’s largest photo has sometimes changed hands in a matter of days. However the current leader maintains its title for more than 15 months already. Back in September 2010, the so claimed 152 gigapixel Sugar Loaf photo had been published, but its optical resolution is considered to be only about 90 to 92 gigapixels. Then on December 12th, 2010, the 111 gigapixel photo of Sevilla appeared only to be surpassed within 5 days by the current leader, the 272 gigapixel photo of Shanghai. This was a giant leap, given that the amount of pixels more than doubled. The creator must have had a very powerful computer and it took a few months from shooting to publication. Given that the photo covers a field of view of about 170° degrees horizontally and some 65° degrees vertically, there is lots of margin for higher resolution with similar cameras. With the new Nikon D800, resolution could be boosted even further given that the average resolution used for each frame on the current photo is “only” 22.66 Megapixel. I would expect someone to come up with a yet higher resolution by autumn this year. Keep tuned.




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