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April 11, 2012 by Andreas in Resources & Links

When you start a new project like a new blog or if you have a new product, you may be making up your mind about the name for it. While that may sound easy in the first place, when you think about it in more detail you will notice that it is actually quite complicated. You could need a brand name which should be pronounceable in most languages, it should be an attractive name which people can easily remember, it should neither be too short nor too long and you will probably want the .com domain for it. With millions of .com domains taken, this is becoming a real investigation and a real challenge.

Unless the character of your project allows for a longer domain name, I would recommend to have a domain name with 5-10 letters, neither less nor more. If you have less, you may run the risk, that the characters stand for an abbreviation of a competitor’s product and not only will there be results in search engines which compete with your project’s name, but the name could already be registered as a trademark, and things could become complicated. If you had more letters, the name might not be very memorable, the design of a logo could be trickier and typing your URL takes longer. Also there is more margin for mistakes when spelling the name. Imagine your project name were easily pronounceable in English, but for someone from Lithuania, what sounds like an “e” for you may be an “i” for him. The more letters you have, the more mistakes that can occur..

So how to identify whether a domain is taken or not? Well, you can look them up one by one, which is a pretty time consuming method. You may have a nice idea for a cool name and then you find out that the domain is taken. Maybe it is a good idea to start the other way round. You take a tool that looks up available domain names based on certain criterias you set up, like length, vocabulary, keywords, etc. From the hundreds of results you get, you then pick what you consider to be most suitable for your project and you can be sure that the .com domain is available. One such tool, which is very powerful and helpful is DOMBUDDY.COM’s Domain Name Generator. You can download it as a desktop application and there are countless features. It has been a great help to me and I keep using it for every new project where there is no name for the product or site in the beginning.

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