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April 15, 2012 by Andreas in Blog & News, Resources & Links

When you shoot macro photos of small objects from close distances with a D-SLR you often end up with the problem with the depth of field (DOF). While a small DOF is very useful when shooting portraits, in macro photography you would usually prefer to have the entire object sharp in your image. Achieving this solely with setups and special lenses can be tricky and costly. However, with Helicon Focus there is a software tool which does the trick for you. You simply shoot a number of images of the same object, focusing on a different area in each photo, so that every part of the object is visible sharply at least in part on one of the photos. Of course you should do this with a tripod to get good results. Helicon Focus then tries to match the images and eliminates from each one of them the areas which are not sharp, combining all the sharp bits from the photos. You end up with a single image where everything is sharp.




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