Product Reviews – OCZ Revo Drive 3 x2

June 28, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

A review of drives is not a priority objective on this site and I do not have the technical background like some folks at hardware review websites may have, nor do I attach great importance to countless benchmarks. However, I …

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Resources – PSD thumbnails in Explorer

June 27, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Windows users are used to work with the thumbnails view of the items in their folders. However, many may be annoyed by the fact that there are quite some file extensions that cannot be viewed as thumbnails in Explorer, not …

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Tipps – Cinemagram

June 17, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Cinemagrams are basically animated GIF files in the 2010s. Animated GIF files were the first and only manner to create something on a website that would not be entirely static. The first banners, navigation button and other things that were …

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