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November 6, 2012 by Andreas in Blog & News, Resources & Links

Sometimes you may find yourself in the situation that you have an application you like to install and when trying to download, all you get is a downloader which downloads the remaining data once you start the install. This is done to save bandwith but sometimes it causes problems to users and you need an internet connection both when downloading the downloader as well as when you actually install. Sometimes, you may also find yourself in a situation where the latest version of an application may not be compatible with your current operating system and you may want an older version. Companies are usually not interested in you using older versions. The newer versions have security updates and if possible it is recommendable to use them. Therefore you rarely find older versions for download on the companies’ websites.

Both of above mentioned problems are being addressed on the website of OLDAPPS. You have older versions of many popular applications available and they are full versions, so you can do an offline install later on. This can be very handy and best of all, it is entirely free.

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