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January 19, 2015 by Andreas in Blog & News, Resources & Links

How many files do we have on our computers, tablets and mobile phones? Thousands, millions, or even more? Of course, over the years, the amount of files is constantly increasing. Digital cameras are widely available, but smartphones and tablets can take pictures too. So the amount of photos on our harddisks, SD cards and devices increases every day. Backing up all those files can sometimes be a real challenge. DVDs no longer have the capacity to effectively store the huge amounts of data generated by every increasing file sizes of photos and Full HD or even 4K video. BluRay isn’t exactly the best solution either, so where to backup huge amounts of data? An external harddisk is probably one of the most popular choices of many people. However, if you forget to do those backups ever now and then, you run the risk to loose valueable files. For instance, photos and videos taken of your kids when they are young cannot be taken again in case you loose them. So if you happen to have a harddisk crash you will want to try everything you can to recover as much as possible while you still can. In case you cannot recover from the affected harddisk you still have a good chance to be able to recover something more than that what you got on your external backup harddisk. Take a SD card or any other memory card. Occasionally you are downloading the pictures and videos to your computer, and even though the files do not appear on the card anymore, they are still there until you overwrite the free space on the card with new photos and videos. This is where a free tiny program comes in. PHOTOREC developed by Christophe Grenier is an open source solution to recover more than 400 file types from almost any kind of storage device, be it a memory card or a harddisk. It scans the device in a very efficient manner and recovers with great efficiency your valueable files. Best of all it is free, though the author in our opinion deserves a donation, if the program served you well. You can download it here:

Harddisks are pretty moderately priced these days. An external 2GB 2.5″ disk is available for less than 80€ which gives you ample space to save your valuable photos, videos and files. 80€ doesn’t buy you much out there, but it could be that one invalueable copy of your files when things go really wrong. It’s better not to wait till you need PHOTOREC, because even if you manage to recover some part of your files, an important part might be lost.

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