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March 20, 2015 by Andreas in Blog & News, Resources & Links

Shooting photos has become easier than ever before now that the world of photography is almost entirely digital and even cellphones feature decent resolutions for most applications. Of course, in most cases, with a professional D-SLR you will shoot way better photos than with any cellphone on the market. However, unless you are a real professional photographer and know how to handle all the settings of your camera in every little detail, even the pictures taken with a D-SLR can still be optimized. Imagine a great photo of a person with wreckles or small spots in the face. Removing those can be a lengthy job with your image editing software. Or take a picture with lots of lights and shades at the same time. There is a good chance that the camera did not get it right. Tweaking around with highlights and shades can take time too. In short words, almost every picture is improveable.

Performing manual modifications will surely get you great results if you know well what you are doing and if you have the time to do so. But the time factor can be a real problem. If you have hundreds of photos to edit, you just cannot spend 2 hours on tweaking around with every single one of them. Of course, you could write actions in photoshop to apply image corrections and tweaks automatically. However, every image is different and requires different kinds of adjustments. What if there was some software that let you improve your photos almost automatically? Lots of programs have promised this before, but the results have not always been satisfactory so far, or you had to use different programs, like one for removing noise, another to get exposure right and yet another one for smoothening skins and getting nice colours.

However, recently I discovered a piece of software I could give a try at, which is really good at almost all of the tasks you would expect an image optimizing software to be able to perform. It is called “Perfectly Clear” and made by Athentech. They have been around for some 12 years, and they continuously improved there software to where it is now, a very reliable, professional and universal image correction program. Rather than going through many menus, you just get one screen with a number of controls you can use to modify the proposed adjustments to the image and you are done in a matter of minutes or less. The results are pretty convincing from what we have tried out with it. We saw noise decrease on high ISO shots, we saw levels adjusted very well, adequate colour corrections and even adjustments to the depth of field which improved the impact of photos. Red eyes were removed automatically and even grainy skins were automatically smoothened without loosing overall sharpness. The software is available for desktop computers and also for Android and iOS. There is a trial version available, so feel free to give it a try if you like.

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