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My name is Andreas Prange and I was born June 1975 in Germany. I am a photographer and designer, specialized on panoramas, gigapixel photos, WordPress, Magento and DTP publishing. For more than 15 years I dedicate myself to photography from film to digital, and to websites from static HTML to PHP, SQL and FLASH. At my current place of residence, the beautiful island of Mallorca, I have taken over 500 panoramas all over the island. The complete collection is available at Mallorca Panorama.

Furthermore I design and develop catalogues, magazines, brochures, advertisement campaigns and eCommerce websites. Recently I started in videography as a complimentary feature for my other activities, using a Nikon D-SLR for shooting. And finally I am launching the online photo store Mallorca Pixel with high resolution photos taken on the Balearic Islands, mostly on Mallorca.

Apart from my dedication to photography, I work in a trading and retail company as an import and export manager, with extended tasks in logistics, design and IT, for more than 9 years now.

Everything I do, I have taught myself, from shooting photos to what I do in the web. Feel free to enquire on whatever you may need.

Andreas 500x500 Pixel bw

Thank you for visiting my website.

andreas-panos-actionMe, shooting panos… (Photographer: Andreas Kothe)

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