Co-Working Guide

January 9, 2016  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Co-Working is a new trend which started to become popular few years ago. The basic idea is, that many jobs do not require a large office and in order to keep down cost, you settle with a desk in someone …

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Perfectly Clear

March 20, 2015  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Shooting photos has become easier than ever before now that the world of photography is almost entirely digital and even cellphones feature decent resolutions for most applications. Of course, in most cases, with a professional D-SLR you will shoot way …

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Photo & File recovery

January 19, 2015  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

How many files do we have on our computers, tablets and mobile phones? Thousands, millions, or even more? Of course, over the years, the amount of files is constantly increasing. Digital cameras are widely available, but smartphones and tablets can …

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WordPress Plugins

June 16, 2014  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the internet. Part of the success is based on the fact that you can set up your own blog at without the need for any hosting and it …

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Tipps – Transposh WordPress Translation

April 22, 2013  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Having a website can mean a lot of work not only when creating it but mostly when maintaining it and keeping it up to date. If you decide to have a multilingual website every language added will bring a lot …

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Links – Subtle Patterns

November 14, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Most websites in the internet have a fixed width and only a small part is using the full width of the browser. This is mostly due to the fact that there exit so many different screen resolutions including the ones …

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Links – Old Apps

November 6, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Sometimes you may find yourself in the situation that you have an application you like to install and when trying to download, all you get is a downloader which downloads the remaining data once you start the install. This is …

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Links – 84 million stars

October 25, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Astronomists at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in northern Chile captured what is the largest astronomical image ever captured so far. They pointed the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope (VISTA) at the heart of Milky Way shooting thousands of infrared …

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Resources – SearchMyFiles

October 13, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

When it comes to searching files or certain text within files, Windows 7 does not give me the tools to find what I am looking for. Searching for an alternative I found SearchMyFiles of NirSoft. A little free tool which …

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Links – Parrot AR Drone

September 9, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

The Parrot AR.Drone 2 is a consumer priced drone which comes optionally with a HD (720p) videocamera with a 92° angle of view. It is controlled by a smart phone or other W-LAN enabled device compatible with standards b, g …

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