News – World’s largest photo

March 10, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

The title of the world’s largest photo has sometimes changed hands in a matter of days. However the current leader maintains its title for more than 15 months already. Back in September 2010, the so claimed 152 gigapixel Sugar Loaf …

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News – Nikon D4 announced

January 7, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Yesterday Nikon announced the new D4 digital SLR camera which substitutes the older D3s. It has been a long awaited news, as Nikon did not present any major new camera in the upper and top segment for quite some time. …

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News – The first Gigapixel photo

January 1, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Back in 2003, it was Max Lyons who created from 196 photos, each of 6 megapixel, the world’s first gigapixel photo. It was a milestone in photographic history and he could still do it manually without any automated motor-controlled tripod …

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