Co-Working Guide

January 9, 2016  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Co-Working is a new trend which started to become popular few years ago. The basic idea is, that many jobs do not require a large office and in order to keep down cost, you settle with a desk in someone …

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WordPress Plugins

June 16, 2014  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the internet. Part of the success is based on the fact that you can set up your own blog at without the need for any hosting and it …

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Tipps – Transposh WordPress Translation

April 22, 2013  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Having a website can mean a lot of work not only when creating it but mostly when maintaining it and keeping it up to date. If you decide to have a multilingual website every language added will bring a lot …

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Tipps – Cinemagram

June 17, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Cinemagrams are basically animated GIF files in the 2010s. Animated GIF files were the first and only manner to create something on a website that would not be entirely static. The first banners, navigation button and other things that were …

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Tipps – Magento default admin account

April 18, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

Magento may be a great ecommerce application, however, many people are not aware, that numerous versions of Magento create by default an admin account which has a standard login and password which anyone can find in the web. Make sure …

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Tipps – Why to have a real good SSD

April 9, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

When you are a photographer with a reasonably advanced camera these days, you will be used to RAW files larger than 10 Mb per file and if you go into shooting video you may even have files larger than 1 …

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Tipps – Choosing colours

March 20, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

When it comes to design, be it graphic design or webdesign, having harmonious colour combinations is crucial. Combining the “wrong” colours and the entire design may be spoilt. Choosing those colour combinations is not as easy as it may look …

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Tutorials – Smoothing skin

March 1, 2012  /   By Andreas  /   No Comments

One of the techniques many people most often use on photos is retouching photos of people, in particular smoothing skin in the face. Everyone of us has some imperfection, be it a scar, a wrinkle, a spot, freckles or whatever. …

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