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Legally responsible for this website under German Law in compliance with § 7 Abs.1 TMG is:

Andreas Prange
Nordstrasse 4
53859 Niederkassel

All content on this website has been created with great diligence. However, there is no guarantee that the information provided is entirely correct, complete or up-to-date. Nevertheless, under § 7 Abs.1 TMG, I am responsible for own content in compliance with general legislation.  However, under §§ 8 – 10 TMG, I am not bound to control or investigate into third party content on whether there is any hint on illegal activities. This includes content which may be posted in forums or comments posted by visitors, if there were any. This does not rule out the obligation to remove or block such content according to general legislation. Liability however is limited  and may only come into effect from the moment I have explicit knowledge of any legal breach. I reserve the right to remove or block any content, comments, posts, etc. in order to be in compliance with legal requirements.

Technical Information:

This site has been created with WordPress and it is optimized for screen resolutions of up to 1920×1080 pixels. Higher resolutions are supported too, however, background image quality may deteriorate. As for mobile devices it should work reasonably well on most Android and iOs based devices; however a minimum resolution of 848×480 pixels used in landscape mode is recommended. The panoramas and gigapixel images on this site are based on krpano which itself relies on Adobe Flash. Devices which do not support Flash may therefore not be able to show them correctly. Please use a system which supports Flash in order to be able to see them.

The site is standards compliant and should work well with most of the latest browsers. No guarantee is provided that it will work on a specific platform / browser combination. If you cannot view the page well, I recommend to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for viewing.

Privacy Policy:

Protecting visitors’ privacy is important to us. I therefore disclose in full the way personal data is being handled and which functionalities and third party services related to data collection are being used on this website.

Personal data: No personal data, this means neither your name, address, phone number or e-mail address will be collected on this website, unless you voluntarily decide to provide it to me by contacting through the contact form or by other means. If you decide to do so, your personal data will be used exclusively to be able to respond to you and it will not be stored in any database or shared with any third party at any time, except for the case that . Your personal data will not be used for surveys nor for any promotional campaigns, neither on this website nor on any other affiliated one unless you voluntarily agree to it.

Access to this site: By accessing this website you are aware that you are using an internet connection provided directly or indirectly through a telecommunications service provider. Your communication data, e.g. IP address, websites visited, etc. could be collected by this provider including your personal data. I do not have control over the data collected by your service provider and I shall not be liable for the use of the same.

External content: This website contains links to other websites. I have no control over the content on external websites and I am not responsible for it. At the time a link to an external website had been posted here, I have checked the external website and no violation of legislation was detectable. A permanent control over any changes taking place on the externally linked websites is not reasonable unless there were clear evidence for it. In case it became generally known that the content on a site linked to from here were illegal or unlawful, I will remove the link as soon as possible.

Data collected: This site uses Google Analytics and certain non-personal data may be collected automatically. This includes but may not be limited to the type of browser used, the operating system used, the URL of the website you came from, pages viewed on this site, time spent on it, number of visits, screen resolution, etc. All this information is of non-personal character to the extent to what Google Analytics is providing me with. I have no knowledge whether or not Google may be able to collect further data either by itself or in cooperation with a third party like your service provider and you agree that I am not responsible for it in any way. I only collect the non-personal data from Google Analytics in order to be able to monitor the acceptance, usability, performance and the success of the website. A cookie may be stored on your computer automatically e.g. to recognize you as a returning visitor, helping me to determine whether the website is interesting for visitors or not. You can control whether or not cookies may be accepted by your browser in your browser’s configuration. If you choose not to store any cookies, no cookie will be stored. If you prefer that Google does not collect non-personal data from you, you can install the following opt-out tool from Google which is available for free for download here: Please bear in mind, that installing this tool is at your own risk and I do not have any knowledge whether or not it will have any adverse effect when visiting other websites.

Facebook: This site contains no plug-in of Facebook, nor any kind of “like-button” or direct connectivity to Facebook. However, I herewith advert you to the fact, that if you decide to mark this website with a “like-button” which you may have through a browser plug-in, your IP address and certain other information may be collectable by Facebook. Facebook may or may not be able to link to or put into relation to other users this information at their own discretion.  liking the same sites like you. I have no control over how Facebook may handle this data and I am not responsible for it in any way whatsoever.

Twitter: This website does not contain any plug-in of Twitter. If however you decide to post this website in Twitter through any other means, I shall not be resonsible for the data Twitter may collect on you and your visit to my website. I have no knowledge with regard to whether and how Twitter may collect data or not and for what purposes they may use the information obtained from you and your visit.

Google Adsense: This website may use Google Adsense to display advertisements, a service provided by Google Inc. Adsense makes use of both cookies as well as invisible graphics called web bugs which can serve to analyze the traffic on this website. The use of them may include the transmission of your IP address to Google servers in the United States of America. Google may share this data including your IP address with collaborating third parties. However, Google will not bring your IP address into relationship with other details on you. You may prevent the storage of Cookies through your browser configuration, which may however result in some pages on this website not displaying correctly. By using this website you agree to the usage of Google Adsense on this website and the usage of the data collected by Google.

Data on this page: The personal information disclosed on this page and the entire website in accordance with legal obligations may not be used for any purpose whatsoever, in particular I disagree in collecting this information for purposes like email newsletters or unsolicited e-mails, offers or other types of advertisements.


If you have any doubts, comments or other feedback, please feel free to get in touch with me.


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