Photos taken with an ordinary lens, be it a wide angle, normal or telelens, capture a given field of view. If you are standing for example on a beach of an island with high mountains, you can shoot the beach or the mountains behind you, but only with a panoramic photo you can capture it alltogether. Depending on the lens you use and the resolution you want to achieve, you need anything from 2 to dozens, sometimes hundreds or even thousands, of photos. Those are taken in all directions so that you cover everything you can see from where you are standing. The resulting photos are then joined together in one of numerous applications available to create the resulting panorama. Some cameras offer built in solutions which produce reasonable results for amateurs.

Once assembled, the panorama is loaded into a free viewer which will show some part of the panorama, e.g. the beach. However, you can now turn around within the panorama and “look back”, seeing the mountains just as if you were back to where you shot the panorama.

This is a nice sort of photo which allows you to remember where you have been and enabling you to “go back” to place where you have been. Of course, there is a wide range of applications for panoramas in business and elsewhere too. Google’s Street View for example is actually just a huge collection of individual panoramas taking every few metres on thousands of roads in many countries. Joining those panoramas together by adding navigation as in Street View and you have a virtual tour. This is an interesting feature for hotels, restaurants, museums, travel guides and many more.

Depending on the resolution, you can even zoom in and if you take a gigapixel panorama taken e.g. from a large building, you will be able to see details you could not have seen with your plain eye.

No matter what sort of panorama you need, I can shoot it for you, assemble it and even host it for you on the web. With more than 10 years of experience in panoramas and more than 1000 panoramas taken so far, you can expect to get the best. Here are some samples…


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