The following is a small extract of websites, webstores, designs, books, magazines, advertisements and other projects performed so far. There are many more and they may not be listed in detail either because there are so many or the clients asked for confidentiality. Anything can be done, it just depends on what you need.

Status: LIVE,  complete
Features: Personal website, presentation and basic information, gallery, etc.
Observations: Just a few things about me, a starting point to discover all my works.

Status: LIVE,  complete, private intranet site
Features: Website with plenty of text, video, flash and more, personal.
Observations: Finished in terms of design, ongoing as for content updates.

Status: DONE,  complete, print magazine
Features: DTP of cactus lovers magazine INTERNOTO during one year
Observations: Included layout, advanced photo editing, revision and final print version.

Status: DONE,  complete, ongoing, multiple clients
Features: Shooting of gigapixel photos with and without the assistance of Gigapan heads.
Observations: Used for gigantic billboards and other applications.

Status: DONE,  complete, website, menu, flyers
Features: Development from scratch of website, menu, flyers and other means of publicity.
Observations: Obsolete now as being substituted by update version, done 1999-2000.

Status: DONE,  complete, ongoing, new projects
Features: Development of custom tailored CAD developed custom products made of metal and wood.
Observations: Various clients, multitude of products, ongoing, available on request.

Status: DONE,  complete, multiple clients, Germany, Spain, U.K., Austria, Malaysia, etc.
Features: Development of business cards in line with corporate design and identity.
Observations: Performed since 1998, ongoing thru 2013.

Status: DONE,  complete, publication on scientific collaboration DE and CN.
Features: Investigation, elaboration, design and analysis of data for publication provided to governmental bodies.
Observations: Project completed.

Status: DONE,  complete, ongoing, multiple clients.
Features: Development and design of print media advertisement campaigns. Multilingual, various countries, range of industries.
Observations: Project ongoing.

Status: DONE,  complete, ongoing
Features: Development and implementation of online stores done with Magento, WooCommerce, and others
Observations: Multiple clients, mostly hospitality, clothing and textiles industries.

Status: DONE,  complete, ongoing
Features: Development of innovative board games. Simple design and rules, yet focus on complex gameplay.
Observations: Mostly done, in use on private basis, searching for publisher.

Status: DONE,  complete, comprehensive 400+ pages book on natural resources in the 21st century.
Features: Investigation, market study, geopolitical analysis, advanced data analysis, etc for creation of this book.
Observations: Project almost completed as of 2013. Searching for a publisher right now.

Status: LIVE,  complete, mostly intranet site.
Features: Website of my daughter, public section to come online later this year.
Observations: Fullscreen, wordpress, video enabled, cross-browser, plenty to come soon.

Status: LIVE,  complete, adding content ongoing
Features: German website with news on internet, photography, webdesign, travel and more.
Observations: Expanding in 2013, with Alex, the expert on programming & Microsoft.

Status: LIVE,  complete, adding content ongoing
Features: Spanish website about cooking, recipes, red wine from Spain and much more.
Observations: Users can post recipes, polls, printer friendly, modern design, kickstart success in the web.

Status: LIVE,  complete, pending markers, more content, etc.
Features: Website showcasing some of the most interesting locations on Google Maps.
Observations: Basic site done, regular updates in progress, heavy traffic in 2013.

Status: LIVE,  complete
Features: Collection of panoramas, photos and information on Mallorca
Observations: When I got 1000 panoramas, I might stop working on it. Who knows.

Status: LIVE,  complete
Features: A site where you will be able to buy photos, gigapixels, panoramas, etc.
Observations: Not yet fully functional, but take a look and discover where this is heading to.

Status: LIVE,  complete, going through refurbishment
Features: Site dedicated to Notocactae, with location map for collectors and those protecting the species.
Observations: In very early stage due to other projects being of priority. Expected launch early 2014.

Status: LIVE,  complete, stalled for various reasons
Features: Website on stores in Spain and their leaflets and offers, freely available to visitors.
Observations: Contracting contributors, expected pick-up of site development Q3 2013.

Status: LIVE,  complete, site design mostly done, content missing
Features: Short stories in German language, currently reviewing content. Launch Q2 2013.
Observations: Anyone can publish a story here, just send it in to us.

Status: LIVE,  complete, undergoing total refurbishment
Features: Website that will feature at least the 1000 biggest stadiums in the world.
Observations: Previously done with Joomla, switching to WordPress in 2013.

Status: LIVE,  complete, early stages Q1 2013.
Features: Website showcasing really useful Youtube content, filtering out rather useless stuff.
Observations: Under development, contributors welcome, expected launch Q2 2013.

Status: LIVE,  complete, project in development phase
Features: Under development at this point, expected launch Q3 2013.
Observations: Site will depend on collaboration agreements to be reached with contributors.

Status: LIVE,  complete, development starting in Q1 2013
Features: Website featuring 3D simulations of interior design, products design, etc.
Observations: Will feature a learning guide for Blender too, starting from the very beginning.

Future projects in early stages:

Objective: A site that features animation of children for children and babies. Children will know best what younger children and babies may like. The site will promote the learning of 3D design among youngster, offering rewards and prices for all participants. Currently under negotiation with a number of investors and developers. Coming Q2, 2013, no domain yet.

Objective: We may not invent something as useful as the toilet again, however, even if you do not have a university degree and a supercomputer for inventions, you can invent the most simple things that can have great impact on our life. The upcoming site will feature countless of those inventions, and the focus will be on offering 3D printer files for download, so that the inventions become common knowledge being available for all people regardless their status, nationality, religion or sex. Coming late 2013

Objective: Substitution of rating agencies. In a world of a few individual judging upon the credit worthiness of countries and institutions, why not let people judge? It won’t be biased and the reliability of the result could actually be better than that what rating agencies offer us these days. Early stage project, maybe coming 2014.

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