In the early days of the internet, people were using dial-up modems or slow ISDN connections and video was not really feasible in the web. Since the arrival of ADSL and cable modem connections, this has changed and there are many video websites ranking high in Alexa’s list of the most visited websites in the web, notably Youtube (rank 3). Video in the web is not only a feature where people can upload funny clips from their mobile phones, but it is also a serious application. HRS, the german hotel reservation site, started to add videos to its site, so that you can visit the hotel you are booking, before you even get there. A Real Estate Agent could do the same with the properties he wants to sell. Also video tutorials and screencasts are very useful in online learning and support. Some companies may like video to showcase their products in action, e.g. remote controlled toys.

There are many applications and the drop in prices for equipment capable to produce Full HD video has opened the gate for good videos to make it to the web. Some well made videos are a nice extra feature for a website and effective compression ensures that they do not require lots of webspace. I shoot video exclusively with D-SLR and in Full HD resolution both for training purposes and for product showcasing. Also I do some documental videos mostly on travelling and mountaineering. If you are interested in video alone or in videos for a website, feel free to get in touch with me.



Andreas Prange  /  Videography