In business a website is like a business card, a presentation of your company and an overview of the products of your company at once. The more professional you present yourself, be it personal or as a business, the better your chance to obtain clients and valueable feedback. Good design is as important and easy navigation, simplicity, concise information, cross-browser compatibility and stunning features.

There are hundreds of aspects that have an impact on whether a website is well received by visitors or not. From the choice of colours, the font-size, the location of the main navigation, the quality of photos, the load time of the site, the printability to tiny details like the favicon, everything contributes. Good design may be a matter of taste, bad design however is a clearly visible shortcoming and visitors will not forget so easily.

Recently many people and businesses focus too much on certain web-two-point-waste-your-time sites. Just because half the world is participating does not mean that it is any good. If you have a quality product or a good service focus on what you got and be proud of it. You are not there to promote others and make yourself dependent on some site, that produces nothing at all.

I have been doing websites since the early days of the web in 1997, when things were static and simple. With broad experience I can offer you almost everything from reviewing an existing site to creating a large database driven site, developed from scratch. With photography, videography, panoramas and flash you can get everything you may need for your website from one source. Additionally multilanguage versions of your site, even in exotic languages, can be done through a network of translators. Feel free to inquire through the contact page.




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